Hidden Signs You Need Roof Leak Detection Services

Leak detection services through a licensed roofing contractor are essential when a homeowner believes their roof may have a leak. Discovering a leak and its exact location is critical because, over time, even the smallest leak can lead to irreparable damage and a costly premature roof replacement.

However, knowing the signs of when your roof has a leak goes beyond noticing water entering your home during a rainstorm. Here are some of the subtle signs that your roof is leaking and roof leak detection is an essential service in your future.

A Constantly Dripping Gutter

Your gutter should only eject water during a rainstorm or after snow on your roof has melted away. However, if you notice that your gutters are constantly dripping, this is a red flag that your roof has an ice dam or leak in its system that is providing the constant flow of water to your gutters.

Remember, if you ever see moisture occurring around your home when it hasn’t rained or snowed for days, this is always a sign to reach out to a professional for leak detection services.

Your Ceiling Has a Water Stain

Large or small water stains that discolor the roof of your property are a sign of roof leaks that owners should investigate immediately. These are the earliest signs of a roof leak and noticing them could mean the difference between a roof repair and total roof replacement.

Although many water stains are found near the center of a ceiling, it’s important to check for stains in the corners and darker alcoves of your home. These areas are usually glossed over and ignoring them can result in substantial property damage and exposure to mold and mildew.

Damaged Roof Shingles

Buckling and curling roof shingles are an easy way to determine whether your roof possibly has a leak in its system. When roof shingles age and become damaged or are simply poorly installed, they create an opening for water to seep into the system and cause a roof leak.

If you notice damaged roof shingles, reach out to a professional contractor to help you resolve the problem and determine if these damages are causing a leak in your roof.

Spots Around Your Roofline

If you walk outside and notice water stains near where your exterior walls meet the roofline, this is also a sign of a roof leak. Water spots in these parts of your home point to problems with your roof’s flashing.

An experienced Dallas roofing company can help make any necessary repairs and help prevent the spread of an advanced roof leak.

Growth in Your Exterior Walls

Although moss may seem like a great visual addition to your home, if you notice that moss is naturally growing on your exterior walls, this is a symptom that points to damage in your downspouts or gutters.

These features may not be part of your actual roof, but they are an essential element of your roofing system. If they develop a leak, water can’t naturally drain away from your home. So, over time not only will you have mossy exterior walls, but you could also develop foundation problems that pose a massive threat to your home’s integrity.

Shepherd Rook Leak Detection

If you’ve recognized any of the aforementioned signs in your home, you most likely have a leaking roof. While determining if you have a leak may be simple, pinpointing the exact location of your leak and where repairs are needed requires a professional touch.

At Shepherd Roofing & Renovations, we conduct thorough physical and drone inspections on your roof and will quickly find the source of your problem. Trust us to repair your roof and prevent devastating issues like insulation damage, foundation damage, and slip and fall accidents.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your consultation with a member of our team.