Drone Inspections

Shepherd Roofing & Renovations strives to use the latest technology possible in order to improve the experience and results of our roofing and renovations process in DFW.

Drones are some of the most recent technological improvements that we use to bring true professionalism to any roofing project we take on.

The drones that we use for our roof inspections are equipped with high-resolution lenses that provide results that can show a roofer even the most microscopic of roof leaks or hail damage.  Our drone inspection service is available to all areas in DFW including Southlake, Dallas and Plano

drone inspections for consultations and roof repair

High-Resolution, Accurate Results

At Shepherd Roofing & Renovations, we know the human eye is only so accurate. Mistakes can still be made that hold up a project and cost a customer an unnecessary amount of extra money.

We don’t believe in wasting our client’s time, and that’s why we rely on drone technology to improve the quality of our work during any job we accept.

Drones Help Us Ensure a Safer Inspection

Even as roofing professionals, it can be dangerous for us to physically set foot on your roof if the damage is extensive. Not only does it put our team at risk but it also puts your property at risk if it’s damaged by accident during an inspection.

Drones allow us to approach any job with ease and safety; vastly minimizing the liability of an inspection on a storm-damaged or older roof.

“Inaccessible” is No Longer an Issue

Depending on the depth and incline of your roof’s valleys, it may be difficult or unsafe for even a professional to climb your roof for an inspection. Without drone technology, inaccessibility could leave your repairs up to chance.

However, a drone’s ease of movement and small size can make any roof an accessible inspection site.

Start Your Job Faster with Drone Inspections

Climbing up on a roof and walking around to find the source of an issue takes time. While most people are accustomed to the length of time that a physical inspection can take, we know that using a drone for inspections can speed up the process and get our team on the job faster.

With drones on our side, we can quickly inspect your home, draft up a solution, and help you come up with a definitive deadline and start date that is much sooner than a customer would expect.

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Whether you’re eager to try out a drone roof inspection, thermal imaging technology, or moisture meters, our team has the technology your project needs to succeed. Shepherd Roofing & Renovations has decades of experience in the roofing and renovation industry, so we know exactly how to use our industry tech to its full potential.

Prolong Your Roof’s Integrity with Shepherd Roofing & Renovations

Our goal is to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction with any project we complete, and we know that our processes and equipment will bring the curb appeal and value that your home deserves. 

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