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Shepherd Roofing and Renovations is Tyler’s most trusted roofing company. 

We specialize in making the exterior and interior of our client’s homes look their absolute best. From roof repairs and replacements to roof leak detection and exterior or interior renovations, we’ll happily be your guide to a gorgeous home that boosts your curb appeal and pride.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! So, you can always expect the best guidance from Shepherd Roofing & Renovations.

Best Roofing Company Near You in Tyler

As the best roofing company in Tyler, we go the extra mile to ensure that each of our projects exceeds your expectations from start to finish. Sure we could easily eyeball a problem and “guesstimate” to make a quick dollar, but we believe in getting your roof repair or replacement right.

We use advanced drone technology that allows us to accurately locate problems within your roof, and lets us create a plan of attack for a roofing solution that doesn’t leave your bank account with a leak.


Tyler Drywall Repair, Painting and Siding

If you’re getting a new roof, you may already have plans to make your interior and exterior of your home equal the majesty of your new addition.

At Shepherd Roofing, we have decades of experience under our belts in the construction industry. We can help you handle any additional renovation services that complete your home.

Some of our most requested services include painting, drywall repair and installation, siding repair, flooring installation, ceiling repair, and more!

Whatever upgrade your home needs, we can likely provide!

Top 3 Reasons You May Need a New Roof

  1. Age: As with all exterior home assets, roofs deteriorate on account of weather elements and time.  The average lifespan for a roof in Tyler is between 15-25 years. So, if you know your roof is getting older, looking into a roof replacement before wear really sets in is a smart idea.

  2. Storm Damage: Mother Nature and roofs in Tyler have a complicated relationship. Hail, high winds, heavy rain and falling debris can cause significant storm damage that lead to the need of a roof replacement.

  3.  Energy Efficiency: Tired of financially riding out increasing energy costs? Your old roof could be the problem! Newer roofs are designed to be more energy efficient allowing for ventilation and reliable insulation, making a roof replacement a sound investment in long-term savings.

Residential & Commercial Roof Repair in Tyler

When  we repair your roof, we handle the job from the planning steps all the way to the final shingle and inspection. We don’t hire third-party contractors and make sure everything we do meets our high standards.

Our process for roof repair and replacement is streamlined yet efficient:

  1. We give you early notice of our start date and give you time to secure the area (i.e. move cars, plants, and furniture out of the danger zone), This gives us a clean area to work around that won’t result in any damage to your property during our roof repair.


  2. We bring in our own roll-away dumpster to keep the exterior of your home clean while we work.


  3. We tear down your old roof and inspect its roots for any deep damage that we’ll need to repair.


  4. Finally, we install your new shingles and vents with all of the protective trimmings that include synthetic underlayment, ice and water shield, and the ever-essential drip edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Shepherd Roofing Renovations, we provide the highest-quality customer service.  To help guide you, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions from Tyler residents:

How often do you need to replace a roof?

The average roof lifespan is 15-20 years in Texas. Beyond that timeframe, your roof’s problems will quickly add up, creating a financial burden and safety hazard for your home.

Can your roofing company in Tyler, TX repair ceiling and drywall leaks?

Two of our specialties are repairing ceiling and drywall leaks! Our contracting skills have been passed down for generations, making us Tyler’s contractors that literally can do it all!

Does homeowners insurance cover roof replacement?

When it comes to your roof, the age of your roof and the circumstances of the replacement really matters with regard to whether homeowners insurance will assist with a roof replacement.

In many cases, if your roof suffers damage from natural conditions like hail or wind, homeowners insurance will assist with replacement.
However, if you’re replacing your roof because of damage due to its age, standard homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the work.

Is your roofing company in Tyler, TX licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed as a general contractor in all of the major cities in DFW, including Tyler. We use Statewide Insurance for our general liability insurance.

How do I contact your office at 5521 S. Broadway Ave in Tyler, TX?

To schedule a free estimate on residential or commercial roof repair, contact our Tyler office at 903-339-0822 by phone, or simply contact us through our online form. A member of our staff will respond to your request within 24-48 hours.

Do you have testimonials from customers in Tyler, TX?

You bet! Check out what our Tyler customers say in our Google Reviews Shepherd Roofing & Renovations

Do you perform roof repair and replacement in Tyler, TX on weekends?

Yup. We are flexible and can take certain roofing and renovation projects in Tyler on the weekends.