Signs That It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is one of the most important upgrades or repairs a homeowner could make on their property. However, it is still an investment that is rarely done to keep up with the Joneses in a neighborhood.

Your roof is the key element of your home that protects its inside from outside threats. Keep your family warm this winter and schedule a roof replacement if you notice any of these red flags of a failing roof.

Your Roof is Over 20 Years Old

The average roof has a shelf life of 20 years. Beyond that, a roof may remain intact but becomes vulnerable to serious damage, making it a health and safety hazard for the family living beneath it.

If you bought your house without a roof replacement, your home should have documentation of when the last replacement was made. If it’s been 20 years or over, it’s time to reach out to a roof replacement team and start planning out a replacement before nasty winter weather hits.

You Have a Sagging Roofline

Your roofline should always be firm and straight. If you notice that areas of your roofline are sagging or dipping, schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. This issue could be due to water buildup on your roof’s deck, signaling the potential need for a roof replacement. 

Cracks in the Attic

If you can’t find any visible issues on the outside, check your roof’s condition from within. A quick trip to the attic can tell a homeowner everything they need to know about the condition of their roof. 

If you get into your attic and find that there are cracks or holes letting in air and light, this is a sure sign that you’re due for a roof replacement. 

Interior Water Damage

Cracks in your roof won’t just reduce the energy efficiency of your rooftop. When the weather gets rough and your roof isn’t strong enough to hold back the rain, water will leak into your home creating issues like weakened ceilings, stains, mold, and mildew

None of these conditions are safe for your family to be living in. So, if you see your home already has some staining or a visible roof leak, scheduling a roof replacement is in your best interest.

Shingle Inconsistencies

Shingles are the shield that keeps your roofing system safe from the exterior elements. So, if you see that your shingles have been damaged, it can either be time for a roof repair or a replacement. 

Curled, cracked, and missing shingles only expose your roof to Mother Nature and shorten its shelf life. So, if in doubt, reach out to a local roofing professional to determine the next best steps you’ll need to take for your roof.

Start Planning Your Roof Replacement Today 

If it is, in fact, time for you to get a roof replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, choose to partner with the most trusted renovation contractors. 

At Shepherd Roofing & Renovations, we have decades of experience in home renovations and roof reconstruction. Trust us to help you keep your home protected this winter and for several years to come.

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