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Whether you require roof replacement or a complete renovation of your residential or commercial property in Southlake, Shepherd Roofing Renovations is the premier roofing company with unbeatable expertise. We are dedicated to helping our clients repair their damaged roofs and transforming any area into something they will love! Let us show you how we can help make your home look beautiful again.

We are one of Southlake’s most sought-after and experienced roofing contractors. We’ve seen it all when it comes to roof issues in Southlake, and know we can help you!

From broken shingles, hailstone dents, corroded metal roof systems, and shattered skylight windows—we have the expertise to restore your home’s structural integrity without fail!

Residential Roofing Company in Southlake, TX

Shepherd Roofing Renovations is the preferred choice for luxury homeowners in Southlake, thanks to our superior standard of quality. Our team utilizes the latest technology and advanced equipment to ensure that each roof repair or renovation is completed with precision and attention to detail.

We are committed to creating beautiful roofs that are built to last, while providing top-notch customer service every step of the way. Our customers can rest easy knowing that we have their best interests in mind and that their property will be restored to its original condition or even better. With our commitment to excellence, we have earned a reputation as one of Southlake’s most trusted roofing contractors.

Top 3 Signs You Need a New Roof

  1. Water Stains on your Ceiling – wet spots or yellowish stains on your ceiling indicate your roof has been compromised.  This often occurs near the “deep valleys” of your roof usually around your entryway to the front door
  2.  Noticeable Roof Damage – you’ll notice shingles missing, corners curling or even  moss growing between shingles.
  3. Real Estate Value – replacing your roof with new shingles can increase your home’s value significantly if you are considering selling your home.

Roof Replacement on Southlake Residence

We recently completed a total roof replacement for a client located on Lakeway Drive in Southlake, TX.  Our roof inspection suggested enough roof damage to successfully file an insurance claim for coverage. Once approved, we replaced the old roofing system with a new, energy-efficient roof made from high-quality materials.  We provided our Southlake client with a warranty on the new roofing system and the installation workmanship.

If you’re in need of a new roof, and have an insurance claim, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a consultation. We provide guidance and support throughout the entire insurance process to help you obtain a new roof.

Southlake Roofing - professional contractors

Southlake Renovation Services

We aren’t just a commercial and residential roofing company. We also have decades of experience renovating homes and businesses throughout the Southlake area. Our experienced contractors can help you create the home of your dreams through our renovation services that include flooring installation, interior and exterior painting, ceiling and drywall repair and restoration, bathroom and kitchen remodels, and more!

No matter what you need to make your house feel like home, let us guide your way!

Southlake Roofing - Finished

Why Choose Our Roofing Company?

For over two generations, Shepherd Roofing Renovations has proudly offered premier Southlake contracting services. Our experienced team of contractors bring the family legacy to life with each successful remodeling project. We ensure quality results that surpass expectations every time. Rely on our experts for all your renovation needs; you won’t be disappointed!

Rather than only offering complete roof replacement services like many other companies, we take a modern and flexible approach that allows you to work within your budget. When a full-scale roof replacement isn’t feasible for you, our team is available to repair the most critical areas of your roof without emptying the bank. Plus, with cutting-edge equipment in use on each project we undertake, both clients and workers experience an efficient and secure process every time.

Communication is fundamental in our company! To ensure all of our clients are up to date with the progress of each project, we provide them ongoing photos and a warranty on completed work. Furthermore, we do everything possible to make sure your roof replacement process goes as smoothly as possible by communicating directly with your insurance adjuster so that you can simply enjoy your brand new roof without any stress or hassle!

Frequently Asked Questions for Roofing Companies

Shepherd Roofing believes in being as transparent as possible with our customer base. Let’s get into some of the most common questions we’ve heard from homeowners in Southlake.

How much does it cost to replace a roof?

The cost of any roof replacement depends heavily on a variety of factors. Between the materials used and your roof’s size, the average cost for a roof replacement is around $400 per square foot.

However, it’s always best to schedule a home inspection and get an accurate quote from a roofing company.

Can your roofing company in Southlake, TX repair ceiling and drywall leaks?

If you’re in need of drywall or ceiling repairs that are beyond the scope of typical roofing services, our team can help. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help with your renovation project!

Does homeowners insurance offer roof replacement coverage

Homeowners insurance commonly provides coverage for roof replacements; nonetheless, the magnitude of your coverage will depend on what is stipulated in your policy. The result of these benefits depends upon a variety of factors such as how old your roofing system is and if hail, wind or fire caused the damage to your roof.

Is your roofing company in Southlake, TX licensed and insured?

We are licensed as a general contractor in all of the major cities in DFW, including Southlake. We use Statewide Insurance for our general liability insurance.

How do I contact your office at 1560 E. Southlake Boulevard in Southlake, TX?
for a roof repair estimate?

To schedule a free estimate on residential or commercial roof repair, contact our Southlake office at 214-699-8266 by phone, or simply contact us through our online form. A member of our staff will respond to your request within 24-48 hours.

Do you have testimonials from customers in Southlake, TX?

Yes!  We love sharing customer reviews.  Check out what our Southlake customers say in our Google Reviews Shepherd Roofing & Renovations.

Do you perform roof repair and replacement in Southlake, TX on weekends?

Yes, we take roofing and renovation projects in Southlake, TX on weekends.