Top DIY Renovation Projects to Never Attempt On Your Own

It can be tempting for any property owner to try and save a few dollars and perform important renovations themselves.

However, as we’ve mentioned in the past DIY isn’t always the best option and can come with several complications that make the project exponentially more expensive than it would have been through a Dallas renovation contractor.

While some projects are definitely DIY-possible, there are a select few that an inexperienced owner should never approach on their own.

Let’s get into the details!

Painting Your Cabinetry

As simple as painting your cabinetry may sound, the process isn’t as easy as finding the color you love and painting away. Over time, your cabinets will build up a hefty amount of oils and grease that can make painting a more detailed process.

A team like Shepherd Roofing & Renovations can use our specialized equipment to prep your wood and ensure any paint we apply looks great and sticks around for years to come.

Converting Appliances from Gas to Electric

When it comes to converting your appliances like stoves and water heaters from gas to electric, a DIY approach could be a dangerous one.

This type of renovation involves working with complex electric and gas systems. It’s a job that puts your home at risk if performed incorrectly; which is the reason why the law requires a professional contractor to perform this type of renovation.

Wall Demolition

Walls don’t only separate the rooms in your home. Some walls hold essential electrical and plumbing components, while others are load-bearing walls that your home needs in place to remain stable.

If you want to create an open space within your renovation, tearing down walls on a whim could be a disastrous mistake. An interior renovation specialist has the necessary tools and experience to determine which walls are purely cosmetic and which should never be torn down in the first place.

We can even guide you through the permit process necessary for such renovations.

Lighting Fixture Installation

A person without professional electrical experience should never try to install a new lighting fixture on their own.

A professional contractor can quickly replace your old fixture with your new one and help you avoid the following problems:

  • Overloaded power and popped breakers
  • Fire concerns due to improperly mixed voltage
  • Electrical shock throughout the installation process

Roof Repairs

If your roof has a leak or you realize that a couple of your shingles need to be replaced, don’t expect this to be a job that you can successfully knock out in an afternoon. Not only is it dangerous to scale your roof and perform the work without the appropriate equipment, but when it comes to leaks, it can be nearly impossible for a novice to properly locate the source of a leak.

Keep Your Project in Regulation

If you know your property needs interior or exterior renovations, it’s time to turn to Shepherd Roofing & Renovations. We are Dallas’ premier contracting team and are prepared to help turn your renovation vision into reality.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help bring beauty and new life into your property.