5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before an Interior Renovation

If you know you’re planning on an interior renovation as a gift for your family in the new year, it’s always best to be prepared on all fronts. While you can research the qualities of an excellent contractor day and night, you will never truly be ready to start until you answer these 5 questions to yourself about your upcoming interior renovation.

1. Why Do You Want to Remodel?

Before you commit to an interior renovation, truly consider why you are making this move towards change.

  • Are you expecting new family members in the near future?
  • Are you planning on selling your home?
  • Are you just tired of the sight of your old kitchen or bathroom?

While the answers to these questions may seem straightforward, confirming your reasoning behind a remodel helps to put passion behind an investment that will impact your family for years to come.

2. Will Your Plans Affect Other Parts of Your Home?

While most interior remodels are planned out and budgeted one room at a time, it’s still important to consider how your current remodel will impact the neighboring rooms in your home. After all, you may not want one room that bleeds into another overshadowing its counterpart through its updates.

Thinking about how remodels will impact other parts of the home can help you decide where to start their renovation projects and in what order to tackle updates.

3. Have You Planned a Realistic Budget?

You may have planned out your initial budget to cover the materials and appliances you’re going to use in your renovation. However, a realistic budget will also take your contractor’s rates, relocation costs, and inevitable tax into consideration.

If you are unsure about your budget and whether or not what you can realistically afford will produce the desired results, a reliable contractor can help you make adjustments where necessary.

4. Does Your Remodel Require Accessibility?

Think about the family and friends that come into your home. Do any of them require handicap accessibility? If so, this is something you’ll want to discuss with your contracting team and make adjustments where necessary.

Making changes during the planning stage of your project is easy, but waiting to do so after the project is underway could lead to more time and money spent on your project that sends it way over budget.

5. What Are Your Plans During the Renovation?

Although most renovations don’t require the relocation of the whole family, some larger projects may be so intrusive that homeowners may have to step away for a few days.

If you know that your remodel will be one that leads to a departure from the remodel site, make sure that you have your plans set in stone well before the project begins. Whether you’re staying with family, renting a hotel room, or going on a full-fledged vacation, getting these plans made ahead of time will ease a lot of stress when the time comes to renovate your home.

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