Chimney Repair Experts in Dallas, Texas

Recently, we completed a project for a homeowner who heard about us through a neighbor. Noticing some damaged shingles on his roof, he contacted us for a thorough roof inspection, which led to a comprehensive chimney repair.

Initial Roof Inspection

Concerned about the visible damage to his shingles, the homeowner contacted us for a professional roof inspection. During our assessment, we identified several critical areas that required immediate attention, particularly around the chimneys and ridge cap shingles. Our inspection revealed the following issues:

  1. Damaged Shingles Surrounding the Front Chimney
  2. Loose Flashing Around the Front Chimney
  3. Damaged Shingles Surrounding the Right Chimney
  4. Loose Flashing Around the Right Chimney
  5. Missing Ridge Cap Shingles on the Left/Rear Corner of the Roof
  6. Exposed Nails and Unsealed Vents
  7. Issues Along the Standing Seam Metal Roof Sections and Metal Roof Dormer

Our Repair Process

1. Chimney Repairs

Front Chimney:

  • Remove and Replace Damaged Shingles: We removed all damaged shingles surrounding the front chimney to prevent further water infiltration and structural damage.
  • Refasten Loose Flashing: Loose flashing was securely refastened to ensure it would effectively direct water away from the chimney.
  • Seal Area and Flashing: We sealed the area and the flashing to create a watertight barrier, preventing leaks and future damage.

Right Chimney:

  • Remove and Replace Damaged Shingles: We then removed and replaced the damaged shingles around the right chimney.
  • Refasten Loose Flashing: The loose flashing around this chimney was also refastened to ensure proper water diversion.
  • Seal Area and Flashing: Sealing was meticulously applied to protect against water infiltration and enhance the roof’s durability.

2. Ridge Cap Shingle Replacement

  • Remove and Replace Missing Ridge Cap Shingles: We installed new shingles to address the missing ridge cap shingles on the left/rear corner of the roof.
  • Refasten and Seal Ridge Line: The ridge line was refastened and sealed to provide a continuous protective barrier against the elements.

3. Sealing Vents, Penetrations, and Exposed Nails

  • Seal All Vents and Penetrations: To prevent leaks and ensure the roof’s longevity, we sealed all vents, penetrations, and exposed nails.
  • Seal Standing Seam Metal Roof Sections and Metal Roof Dormer: Special attention was given to the standing seam metal roof sections and metal roof dormer, ensuring our team was sealed correctly against potential water ingress.

The Result

After completing the necessary repairs, the homeowner’s roof is in excellent condition, providing robust protection against the elements. Replacing damaged shingles, refastening and sealing flashing, and addressing missing ridge cap shingles have significantly enhanced the roof’s durability and performance.

If you’ve noticed any damage to your roof or need a professional inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Shepherd Roofing and Renovations, we are chimney repair experts here to help you maintain the integrity and beauty of your home.