Top Winter Renovation Projects to Tackle in 2022

Winter may be a season where a lot of Texans hole up and hibernate on the couch until spring rolls around. However, for those that like to focus on improving the beauty and value of their homes, there are a ton of interior renovations that can be made without a lot of back and forth out into the cold.

Yes, simple projects like changing smoke detectors and ordering regular heating system maintenance are things a homeowner can handle on their own. However, if you are looking forward to a bigger project that requires the help of a professional contractor, here’s a quick look at what you should focus on this winter.

Kitchen Countertops

Even if you aren’t ready for a full kitchen renovation, replacing your kitchen countertops can be enough to create a positive visual and aesthetic impression. This is a great project that allows for personal expression and keeps you and your contractors comfortable, as it doesn’t require too much moving in and out of the home.

Redo Your Home’s Cabinetry

Cabinetry is another interior renovation that really only has your contractors moving equipment and materials in to complete the job.

Whether you are replacing the cabinets in a room to change its organizational layout or need help refinishing or painting your cabinets, hiring a contracting team to get the job done right is an excellent way to improve their value and extend their total lifecycle.

Light Fixture Replacements

A great light fixture can literally bring new life into a room. However, removing old light fixtures and replacing them with something brand new could require some electric work that is well outside your wheelhouse.

A Dallas interior renovation company like Shepherd Roofing & Renovations has established relationships with reliable electrical contractors and can guarantee that your light fixtures are replaced safely and keep your rooms vibrant for years to come.

Redo Your Flooring

A home’s floor is one of the first things that visitors notice when they enter the threshold. Make sure that your floors are in perfect condition when you’re ready to accept visitors this spring.

Shepherd Roofing & Renovations can help transform your well-used floor into one of the most beautiful aspects of your home.

Our contractors specialize in:

Your flooring project gives you a chance to get creative with your home this winter. Let our Dallas contractors bring the experience that breathes new life into your flooring.

Bathroom Faucets

During the winter months, your faucets are bound to get a lot of use during hot baths and showers. Now is the perfect time to give your home’s faucets an upgrade that improves water flow to your home.

Much like the electrical aspect of bathroom renovation, faucet replacement and plumbing can be a tricky task for some homeowners. Let a trusted contractor and their plumbing team help ensure that your faucet installation goes off without resulting in a plumbing emergency.

Plan Your Interior Renovations This Winter

If you’re ready to give your home the makeover it deserves this winter, let the experts of Shepherd Renovations help! We are a team of Dallas and Fort Worth’s most trusted contractors and can put our expertise and tools to work towards creating the interior renovation of your dreams.

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