Why Should You Schedule Your Interior Renovation During the Summer?

Summer in Texas may not be an ideal season to plan extensive exterior renovations. But it’s the perfect time of the year to schedule interior renovations with a Dallas contractor.

At Shepherd Roofing & Renovations, we love to beautify and upgrade Dallas homes no matter the time of year. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should consider an interior renovation during the warmer months.

Summer Makes Relocation Simple

During an interior renovation, you want to keep your family out of the way of dust and the work zone. Usually, this means spending a little time away from home in a hotel or a welcoming relative’s house.

Outside of the summer months, work and school can make relocation a task more than an adventure. By scheduling your home renovation during the summer when life is moving a little slower, you can work the project around a pre-planned family vacation that gets you out of the house while construction is underway.

Summer Brings the Potential for More Work Per Day

Most renovation workdays end once the sun starts to go down. Summer brings longer days, and if your contractors are working indoors with ample air conditioning, you’ll get more work accomplished each day.

When renovation contractors have more time to work, not only can more get done, but the quality of the work is also likely to increase.

You Have More Time to Enjoy Your Renovation

Much like our first point, you just have more time to relax during the summer. You are getting your renovation to make your home more enjoyable to live in.

Scheduling a renovation during the early summer months means that once your project is complete, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your new bathroom or kitchen before reality calls you back to school and the office.

Better Weather, Fewer Delays

Winter and early spring weather can bring unexpected storms that delay your renovation’s completion. Delays cost extra fees that you don’t want to add to your final bill.

However, when the skies are clear and the sun is out, your contracting team will be able to work diligently and with minor delays, saving you money and bringing your vision to fruition faster.

You’ll Be Ready to Host the Holidays

Most renovations expand and add beauty to a property. Thus, it’s no surprise that you’d want your renovation ready for the more significant holidays near the end of the year.

Completing your renovation in the summer gives you plenty of time to mold your new space to blend in with your home’s aesthetic.

Greet the Summer With a New Look From Shepherd Roofing &Renovations

Whether you are remodeling your whole interior or need to give one room a facelift, trust Shepherd Roofing & Renovations to get the job done right. We have decades of experience as Dallas contractors and can help bring any vision you have for a renovation to life.

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