5 Major Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is one of the most common targets of a home remodel. Maybe the plumbing is bad or you’re just sick of the sight of it.

Regardless of your reason behind the need for a bathroom remodel, you want to make sure that the investment is worth the financial effort.

At Shepherd Roofing & Renovations, we specialize in helping our clients create the bathroom of their dreams at competitive prices.

Find out some of the major benefits you could gain from a summer bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodels Increase the Value of Your Home

If you know you plan on moving in the next few years, a bathroom remodel can help boost the value and desirability of your home.

Most prospective homeowners place the quality of a home’s bathrooms at the top of their priorities list. So, if you want to make your home a winner for a new homeowner, make sure that your remodel offers long-lasting value.

So, ensure your contractor uses quality materials and that your design is one that is currently trendy and is likely to hold its popularity in the future.

Your Oasis is Unique

Your bathroom should be a comfortable place where you can unwind and regroup after a long, stressful day. When you design your bathroom to reflect your total aesthetic, everything from the lighting to the design of the tiles in your shower can help create the calming environment you deserve.

Benefit From Energy Efficient Upgrades

Energy efficiency is all the rage in modern home renovation. After all, if you go green with your remodel, you’re helping the environment and your wallet.

Some energy-efficient upgrades that could benefit your finances in the long term include:

  • ENERGY STAR bathroom fixtures
  • LED lighting
  • Motion sensors and timers
  • Water-efficient toilets
  • On-demand water heater

Increase Your Storage Capacity

You likely want to remodel a bathroom because you’re sick of the clutter accumulation. The counters and cabinets you strategically place in your new bathroom also serve as increased storage solutions.

Enjoy more space in your new bathroom and make sure to select fixtures and appliances that offer extra hideaway space.

You Have Eco-Friendly Opportunities

Ripping out old fixtures and replacing them with new units gives you the chance to explore the eco-friendly side of remodeling. If your remodel has a vintage or rustic vibe, it could be a great idea to repurpose an old sink, tub, or lighting fixture.

Not only can repurposing an older piece give you the exact look you want for your remodel, but that’s one less new fixture or unit that requires manufacturing. Your repurposing practices could help reduce harmful carbon emissions that stem from new product creation.

Feel Great About Your Bathroom Today, With Shepherd Roofing & Renovations

If you’re ready to bring your bathroom renovation dreams into reality, Shepherd Roofing & Renovations can help. We have decades of experience in the contracting field and know what it takes to truly bring out the beauty in your remodel.

From selecting the right fixtures to ensuring every inch of grout is even, our home remodeling contractors are among the most skilled in Dallas.

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