4 Common Roof Threats to Be Wary of This Winter

As we’ve witnessed time and again in Texas, winter weather is nothing to take lightly. Although winter storms may not be the norm for North Texas communities when they hit, they hit hard and can leave a wake of destruction in their aftermath.

It’s always best to be prepared and ensure that your roofing system is ready for anything winter weather throws at it. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common winter roof threats and how you can mitigate or repair them with the help of a roofing contractor.


If your roofing system is old or has poor attic ventilation, condensation can occur when the warm air of your attic meets the cool air that permeates your rooftop.

Condensation may not sound like an immediate emergency, but it can lead to several issues that include:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Weakened Home Structures
  • Damaged Roof Decking
  • Premature Roof Replacement

Ice Dams

When hot air from your attic only leaves through the top of the roof, the snow it melts can refreeze as it makes its way towards the edge of your roofing system. This problem is called an ice dam.

Damming puts unnecessary weight on your roof, its shingles, and can lead to frozen gutters.

Prevent gutter and roof damage ahead of an ice storm by scheduling a roof inspection with a qualified roofing contractor. We can help ensure that your attic is properly ventilated and that the risk of ice dams is mitigated as much as possible.

Heavy Winds

Strong winds often accompany winter storms. When they happen often or with enough force, they can lead to weakened or loose shingles on your roof.
Strong winds also increase the risk of nearby branches breaking off and causing severe damage to your rooftop. So, while you can’t really stop the wind from damaging your shingles, you can still keep your home safer throughout the year by trimming back nearby branches during the spring and summer.

Hail Damage

Although hail damage is something that is relatively unavoidable, homeowners can take steps towards reducing the risk of damage through preventative roofing maintenance and regular annual inspections.

If your roof is left ignored and gets hit by a strong hail storm, your home could fall victim to gradual leaks, broken shingles, flashing leaks, and the need for premature replacements and repairs.

What If Your Roof is Extensively Damaged in a Winter Storm?

If your roof becomes damaged during a storm this winter, don’t leave its survival up to chance. Leaving your roof damaged only leads to higher utility bills, potential mold problems, and eventually the risk of total collapse.

Make sure that you contact a Dallas roofing contractor immediately to come out and inspect the damages and give you an accurate estimate on repairs or replacements.

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